Daniel Radcliffe discusses his role in the new comedy series ‘Miracle Workers’ Video

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Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe discusses his role in the new comedy series ‘Miracle Workers’

Radcliffe. He’s now starring in the new series “Miracle workers.” You play an angel working in heaven’s department of answered prayers. It’s less glamorous than you might think. 2 billion prayers received. This department seems wildly understaffed. It was designed to accommodate a much smaller population. No way we can answer — I try three, four a day although now that I’ve got you, there’s no telling what we can do, I’m thinking, five, six, many as many as seven. You look like the most hassled angel in history. Yeah, as you saw, Craig is a one-man operation trying to answer about 6 billion to 7 billion prayers so he is getting through three or four a day so it’s pretty hectic and Geraldine comes in. She is much more ambitious. As you can tell I’m scaling back my mission to deal with three or four a day. She wants to come and make a difference which I think is crazy. What happened to the wings? I know, yes, that was like we got about a week out from filming and I was suddenly like I’m playing an angel. Do I get wings or a halo? As you can see we’re sort of doing it slightly differently. There are wings on our punch cards if you’re very eagle eyed in the series but that’s the only direct angel reference. Heaven as the office. Basically, yes. I love Steve Buscemi is playing god. Yes. Yeah, Steve is just a wonderful human being and incredibly sort of kind and lovely and, yeah, he plays a version of god that is kind of a little bit disillusioned with his own creation and it’s sort of odd job just sitting there watching all the terrible things happening in the world and decides to change the channel and, yes, so our job is to remind him why Earth and human beings are so great. I guess it’s appropriate. I was reading an interview that Ellie kemper said and worked with Steve as well and whenever you’re within 40 feet of him you start to feel great. Do whatever you can “Do not disturb” that. That is great advice. It’s really true. Steve is a testament to the thing I found to be true in most of my career. The really great actors are also really good people. Most of the time. Like it’s the ones that kind of in and out of the saddle you got to worry about but Steve’s been incredibly successful for 30 plus years or whatever it is and he’s — yeah, he’s amazing. That is so reassuring to hear. A great fan wants to ask a question. I’m so excited to be here. You’re amazing. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. What is your current pop culture obsession right now? I mean like “The bachelor.” Oh, really? Yes. I say this to people and they seem surprised. I would like to say I used to be a guy like my girlfriend makes me watch it. It’s not. I’m making the choice. It’s me week after week, yeah and I — yeah, I’m very obsessed particularly with this season, also he seems like a nice person this season which is like, you know, they haven’t all been so, you know, yes. You have no idea what you just did. Our producer like — imagine in the control room are exploding with cheers and joy that you’ve endorsed “The bachelor.” I used to be like really — I think I used to be really annoying and snobby and actually started watching it, no, I watch this. Big super bowl fan. Rams are your team. Rams are my team for this weekend, absolutely. They’ve just been an exciting — there’s been so many exciting young fun teams this weekend it’s seem the patriots winning again would be anti-climactic. Your prediction? I will go 40-37. It’s going to be a crazy game. There you go. Thank you for coming in. “The miracle workers” premieres on TBS. I feel like This weather report has been

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