Duchess Meghan speaks out about female empowerment Video

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Transcript for Duchess Meghan speaks out about female empowerment

hair, the duchess of Sussex and she also has a new gig as the vice president of the queens commonwealth trust. This as we’re learning that Meghan is losing her third palace aide. ABC’s Julia Macfarlane joins us with the latest. Hi, Julia. Reporter: Yes, Amy Pickerell is the third of her aides to sources telling ABC news this morning departing is amicable and she is going on to an exciting new opportunity meanwhile, Meghan has been busy flying the flag for women’s rights this week. The duchess of Sussex and mother-to-be front and center Friday cradling her growing bump revealing she doesn’t know whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl but hopes the new royal is a feminist quoting a Netflix documentary she recently saw about feminism. One of the things they said during pregnancy was I feel the embryonic kicking of feminism. I love that. So boy or girl, whatever it is we hope that that’s the case. Reporter: Meghan insisting men and boys can be at the forefront of female empowerment with heaping praise for her husband, prince Harry. But for men to understand they can be feminists as well, so I hope that men are part of the conversation. My husband certainly is. They’ve made it very clear that whether this child is a boy or girl they want this child to believe in unchampioned gender equality. Reporter: Duchess Meghan increasing a target for online abuse also revealing that she now stays away from social media. You never look at, say, Twitter? No. Sorry, no. You know and for me that is my personal preference, right? But I do read “The economist.” I’ll give you that one. Reporter: The palace taking aim at online trolls updating their social media policy to block offensive posts. They’ve actually decided to come out and say we are not going to accept any abusive or negative comments. We are going to block people. We are going to report people if necessary. Reporter: The duchess’ humanitarian credentials getting the royal stamp of approval from the queen herself making Meghan vice president of the queen’s commonwealth trust. Diane. All right, Julia, thanks so much. There you go, a new title for Meghan. She needs more. Yeah, she’s got a lot of

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