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Transcript for Trump and Democratic presidential candidates campaign over the weekend

Turning to American politics now and the 2020 presidential race heating up. President trump and some top democratic hopefuls spending the weekend focused on the campaign. ABC white house correspondent Tara Palmeri is in west palm beach where the president is spending the weekend. Good morning, Tara. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. It wasn’t just a weekend of golf for president trump. He’s also doing some serious fund-raising as Democrats announce their intentions to run. He’s hosting donors for the Republican national committees retreat at mar-a-lago raising millions of dollars. An RNC official tells ABC news they expect to raise $7 million this weekend for the trump victory committee. President trump is slated to meet with more big money donors meanwhile, democratic 2020 hopefuls from crisscrossing the country. Kamala Harris made her third trip to South Carolina this weekend and Bernie Sanders stubbed in Iowa, but a handful of Democrats like senator Elizabeth Warren and Amy klobuchar, Julian Castro, they descended on Austin, Texas for the south by southwest festival aiming to woo young liberal voters. Texas is not your traditional battleground state, but it has an early primary. After Beto O’rourke’s narrow loss to Ted Cruz, there is hope to turn that red state blue. A CNN poll shows Biden has yet to announce his candidacy as the front runner among democratic candidates with 27% of respondents declaring Biden their first choice for president. 25% chose Bernie Sanders and 16% picked Elizabeth Warren and president trump at this fundraiser lamented to a crowd of donors that he shouldn’t have attacked Elizabeth Warren so early on with his derogatory pocahontas nickname because he thinks she would have been an easy challenger. Dan? Not apologetic. More of a strategic comment. Tara, thank you very much. Let’s bring in ABC’s Martha Raddatz who is in Washington where she’ll be co-hosting “This week” later this morning. Martha, good morning. These poll numbers are incredibly early and it’s hard to tell what, if anything, they mean, but the numbers out of Iowa show that Joe Biden the former vice president is as of right now, the front runner I guess. At least still within the margin of error however, but what do we know about how likely Biden is to jump into this thing? Reporter: Sources tell ABC news that there is a 90% chance he will jump into the race. He says he’s in the final stages of deciding, but he also told “The New York Times” he will not make a decision until April. So we won’t know until then, but it certainly looks likely, Dan. These poll numbers probably maybe push it up to 91%. Let’s talk foreign affairs for a second, your area of expertise. You have president trump’s national security adviser John Bolton on the show today in an exclusive one-on-one interview. On a morning when millions of north Koreans are heading to the polls to elect a new legislature, critics say this is a masquerade of democracy in a country where the leader, Kim Jong-un, has absolute power. So given that the last trump-kim summit fell apart, where do things stand now in this nuclear standoff between our two country. — Countries? Reporter: Well, I think it’s at a standstill, and you will hear the administration talk about the negotiations could be ongoing, but right now we’re looking at images from north Korea that make it appear that they’re going to revive their missile program and possibly launch a test missile or test rocket. That is not a good sign at all. As you said, Dan, to these elections, these so-called elections for the new legislature, I have been over there in North Korea. Kim Jong-un controls everything over there so those critics are probably right about what’s going on there, but John Bolton has a lot of questions to answer about what exactly will the U.S. Do if there is a missile or rocket launch. Do these images really say, look, this could be imminent? Because that would change everything. You have heard the president boast about the fact that they have not tested a missile or a rocket or a nuclear test in over a year, and that has been very good news, but this could take a turn. We’ll ask ambassador Bolton Will we see a reversion to the fire and fury rhetoric? Martha Raddatz, thank you very by the way, you can see Martha’s exclusive one-on-one interview with John Bolton later this morning on “This week,” and the powerhouse round table weighs in on the 2020 race. It’s all coming up on “This week” on ABC. Dan, want to transition to

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